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David Robertson Smelting Symposium

'Celebrating the Mega-scale'

In conjunction with the TMS 2014 Annual Meeting

San Diego, California, USA, 16-20 February 2014

Preliminary Programme

The following outline of the technical programme is close to final, but the official version will be printed by TMS.
The complete schedule for 'Celebrating the Megascale' can be found at http://www.tms.org/TMS2014/sessionsheets

1. Keynote Session (Monday morning)
Session chairs: Phillip Mackey and Eric Grimsey
A tribute to Dr D.G.C. Robertson - A Biographical Sketch - J. Bruce See
Evolution of the large copper smelter - 1800s to 2013 - Phillip J. Mackey
Evolution of the mega-scale in ferro-alloy electric furnace smelting - Lloyd R. Nelson
From sulfide flash smelting to a novel flash ironmaking technology - Hong Yong Sohn
Fostering minerals workforce skills of tomorrow through education and training partnerships - Gavin Lind
Modeling of ladle metallurgy in steelmaking - Gordon Irons
Process metallurgy an enabler of resource efficiency - Linking product design to metallurgy - Markus A. Reuter
Horizontal single belt casting (HSBC) of Ca-based bulk metallic glass (BMG) strips - Roderick I.L. Guthrie, Mihaiela Isac, Donghui Li, Luis Calzado

2. Ferro-Alloys (Monday afternoon)
Session chairs: Rodney T. Jones and Lloyd R. Nelson
Developments in manganese ferro-alloy research and production in the last 25 years - Merete Tangstad and Ragnar Tronstad
DC arc furnaces - Past, present, and future - Rodney T. Jones
Recent developments in FactSage thermochemical software and databases - Christopher W. Bale
Reduction of agglomerated manganese ores in a 150 kW pilot-scale furnace - Thomas Brynjulfsen, Merete Tangstad
Arc detection in DC arc furnaces - Quinn G. Reynolds
An electromagnetically stirred slurry model for the smelting zone of a ferro-alloy furnace - Ben Bowman
Technical aspects of large-scale ferro-alloy electric furnace smelting - Lloyd R. Nelson
Role of Mn carbides in carbothermic processes of Mn Alloys - Byeong Deok Lee, H.K. Shin, Hong sik Lee, Young E. Lee

3. Non-Ferrous (Tuesday morning)
Session chairs: Mike Moats and Katie Schumacher
Redoubling platinum group metal smelting intensity - Operational challenges and solutions - Rodney Hundermark, Lloyd R. Nelson, Bertus de Villiers, July Ndlovu, Diale Mokwena, Phillimon Mukumbe, Bart Pieterse, Whitey Seyanund, Paul van Manen
Pyrometallurgical processing technologies for treating high-arsenic copper concentrates - Patrick Taylor
Arsenic and antimony capacities in Ni-Cu mattes and slags - Ramana G. Reddy
Quartz-cristobalite transformation and its effect on reactions in Si production, initial studies - Eli Ringdalen, Leiv Kolbeinsen, Merete Tangstad
Modifications to our smelter for processing recycled materials - Katie Schumacher
Removal of Pb from molten copper by FeO-SiO2 (-CaO, Al2O3) slag treatment in Mitsubishi process - Soo Sang Park, Joohyun Park
Simulation of the gas flow in a Peirce-Smith converter - Wagner Moulin Silva, Bruno Augusto Ribeiro Soares, Felipe Terra Elias
From phase equilibrium and thermodynamic modelling to freeze linings - the development of techniques for the analysis of complex slag systems - Ata Fallah Mehrjardi, Peter C. Hayes, Evgueni Jak
Modelling simulation and comparison of refractory corrosion at RHI's Technology Center - Dean Gregurek, Angelika Ressler, Anna Franzkowiak, Alfred Spanring

4. Iron and Steel (Tuesday afternoon)
Session chairs: Rod Guthrie and Gordon Irons
Sustainability in ironmaking: The rise of direct reduction - Tom Battle
Ferro-alloy induced precipitates in continuously cast micro-alloyed steels - Syed Jawad Ali Shah, Hani Henein, Douglas Ivey
Kinetics of reactions in oxygen steelmaking - Kenneth Stark Coley
Current status and future direction of low-emission integrated steelmaking process - Sharif Jahanshahi, Alex Deev, Navshad Haque, Liming Lu, John Mathieson, Terry Norgate, Yuhua Pan, Philip Ridgeway, Harold Rogers, Michael A. Somerville, Dongsheng Xie, Paul Zulli
Analysis of steelmaking reactions by coupled reaction model - Shinya Kitamura
Cold modelling of splashing phenomena in oxygen steelmaking - Shabnam Sabah, Geoff Brooks
Lean operations strategy to combat uncertainties in temperature at BOF endpoint, tapping, de-oxidation, alloy addition, and thermal history - Ishani Shukla, G.V. Rajesh, Ajay Kumar Shukla, Deepu Philip
Ladle metallurgy kinetics: inclusion-inclusion reactions - P. Chris Pistorius
Valorization of electrical arc furnace oxidizing slag - Joonho Lee

5. Modeling (Wednesday morning)
Session chairs: Geoff Brooks and Mark Kennedy
Computational modelling of metallurgical processes: Achievements and challenges - Mark Cross, Nick Croft, Diane McBride
Metallurgical plant optimization through the use of flowsheet simulation modelling - Mark W. Kennedy
ChemSheet as a simulation platform for pyrometallurgical processes - Karri Penttila, Nagendra Tripathi, Justin Salminen, Pertti Koukkari
A computational fluid dynamics model for a novel flash ironmaking process - Miguel Olivas-Martinez, Silvia Perez-Fontes, Hong Yong Sohn
Integrated CFD-combined reactors approach for analysis of steelmaking process - Simon Lekakh, David G.C. Robertson
Modelling of slag foaming coupled with decarburisation - Md Abdus Sattar, Jamal Naser, Geoff Brooks
A methodology for modeling electromagnetic confinement systems: Application to levitation melting - Nagy El-Kaddah, Thinium T. Natarajan
Electrochemical characterization and modeling of a solid oxide membrane-based electrolyzer for production of magnesium and oxygen - Xiaofei Guan, Uday Pal, Srikanth Gopalan, Adam C. Powell
Phenomenological models and animations of welding and their impact (Presentation only) - Tarasankar DebRoy

6. Education (Wednesday afternoon)
Session chairs: Peter Hayes and Merete Tangstad
Current and suggested focus on sustainability in pyrometallurgy - J. Bruce See, David G.C. Robertson, Phillip J. Mackey
Teaching process simulation in eleven easy lessons using Excel - Art Morris
Enhancement of pyrometallurgical teaching using Excel simulation models - Eric J. Grimsey
The engineering design sequence and materials development: 990 Gold-Titanium as a case study - Mark Schlesinger
The challenges for professional metallurgical education - Bob Hannah, Peter C. Hayes
Sustainability education for minerals and materials industry professionals - W. John Rankin
Delivering a national process design unit with industry support - Don C. Ibana
The MetSkill program - Rapidly developing effective young engineers in the workplace - Diana Drinkwater

7. Fundamentals 1 (Thursday morning)
Session chairs: Mansoor Barati and Chris Pistorius
Oxidation of flash reduced iron particles in various gas mixtures under the conditions of a novel flash ironmaking process - Zhixue Yuan, Hong Yong Sohn, Miguel Olivas-Martinez
A new approach to investigating coke reactivity - Brian J. Monaghan, Ray Longbottom, Mark Reid, Oluwatosin A. Aladejebi, Apsara S. Jayasekara, Marc in het Panhuis
The use of natural gas for reduction of metal oxides: constraints and prospects - Oleg Ostrovski
Decomposition of methane during oxide reduction using natural gas - Halvor Dalaker, Pal Tetlie
Reduction of the Ni- and Ti-oxide mixtures by natural gas - Casper van der Eijk, Kai Tang
Kinetic and thermodynamic analyses of the reduction of oxides of Cu and Co in a SiO2-CaO-(Al,Fe)2O3 slag - Yotamu Stephen Rainford Hara, Animesh Jha
Carbothermic reduction of ilmenite concentrate with coke assisted by high-energy ball milling - Bing Song, Kai Zhang, Fei Xi, Xuewei Lv
Optimization of the energy consumption of metals electrowinning from oxides (Presentation only) - Maria Paula Angarita, Antoine Allanore
Reaction mechanism and reaction rate of Sn evaporation from liquid steel (Presentation only) - Sung Hoon Jung, Youn-Bae Kang

8. Fundamentals 2 (Thursday afternoon - parallel session)
Session chairs: Prof. Shin-ya Kitamura and Akbar Rhamdhani
Electricity-independent generation of Si based on the use of rice husk: A concept process - Mansoor Barati
Electrically enhanced metal purification using slag - Md Saiful Islam, Muhammad Akbar Rhamdhani, Geoff Brooks
Crystallization behavior of molten blast furnace slag using confocal scanning laser microscope - Liu Lu, Hu Meilong, Bai Chenguang
Viscosity-structure relationship in the CaO-SiO2-MnO-CaF2 slag for the production of Mn ferro-alloys - Joohyun Park, Kyuyeol Ko
Recovery of vanadium from a high Ca/V ratio vanadium slag, using sodium roasting and ammonia leaching - Song Xu, Mujun Long, Dengfu Chen, Helin Fan, Yuting Chen, Xue Sun
Sintering process of nickel laterite based of limonitic style - Enguang Guo, Mei Liu, Pan Chen, Qiugang Yuan, Xuewei Lv

9. Fundamentals 3 (Thursday afternoon - parallel session)
Session chairs: Ken Coley and In-Ho Jung
Development of a thermodynamic database for mold flux and application to the continuous casting process for steelmaking - MarieAline Van Ende, In-Ho Jung
Thermodynamic optimization of Mn-Si-C system - Min-Kyu Paek, Youn-Bae Kang, Jong-Jin Pak
Removal of non-metallic inclusions from molten steel using a high-frequency magnetic field - Shengqian Wang, Lifeng Zhang, Yue Tian
Fluid flow, alloy dispersion, and inclusion motion in argon-stirred steel ladles - Yanlong Li, Lifeng Zhang
Flowsheet-based approach coupled with application of thermodynamics for the modelling of various iron and steelmaking processes - Ajay Kumar Shukla

10. Poster session
Nitrogen solubility in Mn-Fe-Si-C alloy melts - June-Yong Eom, Jung-Mock Jang, Min-Kyu Paek, Jong-Jin Pak
Study on dezincification and de-lead of blast furnace dust by fluidized reduction experiment - Shufeng Yang, Chuanan Hou, Jingshe Li, Xiangzhou Gao

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