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David Robertson Smelting Symposium

'Celebrating the Mega-scale'

In conjunction with the TMS 2014 Annual Meeting

San Diego, California, USA, 16-20 February 2014

Pictures and stories

David and Ruth Robertson
David and Ruth Robertson, 2008

David Robertson
David Robertson and Art Morris, 2012

David Robertson
Adrian Deneys, David Robertson, and Phillip Mackey, 2012

David Robertson
Rodney Jones, David Robertson, and Phillip Mackey, 2012

David Robertson and students
David Robertson with several of his postgraduate students at Rolla in 1994. David was showing the students how to use a pinhole in paper to observe a solar eclipse. PhD students in the picture are Dhiren Panda (now at TK Ipsco), KN Swamy (now at Doe Run), and Lloyd Nelson (now at Anglo American Platinum).


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