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David Robertson Smelting Symposium

'Celebrating the Mega-scale'

In conjunction with the TMS 2014 Annual Meeting

San Diego, California, USA, 16-20 February 2014

David Robertson's Graduate Students from Imperial College

1972 S. Mizoguchi (PhD)
Stream Degassing of Molten Metals

1973 B.B. Staples (PhD)
Mass Transfer Across Metal/Slag Interfaces Stirred by Bubbles

1975 N.H. El-Kaddah (PhD)
Thermodynamics of the Fe-C-O System

1975 A.B.M. Shahabuddin (DIC)
Atomization of Water-In-Oil Emulsions

1976 A. Ogunleye (PhD)
Stream Degassing of Molten Iron

1977 S.R. Chandrashekar (PhD)
Recovery of Tin from Slags

1977 J.G. Herbertson (PhD)
Kinetics of Gas/Metal Reactions

1978 M. Nilmani (PhD)
Fluid Mechanics of Submerged Gas Injection into Liquid Metals

1978 G.D. Gee (M Phil)
Diffusion in Molten Slags

1979 G.S. Rao (PhD)
Kinetics of Reactions in the AOD Process

1979 A. Castillejos (MS)
Fluid Mechanics of Gas-Powder Injection Into Liquids

1980 D.S. Conochie (PhD)
Slag/Metal Reactions in Bubbles Rising in Liquid Metals

1980 C.J. Hallet (PhD)
Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer in Slurries (with Dr J. Monhemius)

1981 F.L. Lau (MS)
Utilization of Nickel Oxide in the AOD Process

1981 J.E. Wiafe (MS)
Slag/Metal Reactions in Rising Bubbles

1983 L.R. Farias (PhD)
Fluid Mechanics of Gas-Powder Injection into Liquids

1983 S. Ohguchi (PhD)
Coupled Reactions in de-S/de-P of Molten Iron

1984 M.E. Guzman (PhD)
Reactions of Iron and Nickel Alloy Droplets with Gases

1984 C. Dobson (PhD)
Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer in the Submerged Injection of Gases into Liquid Metals for Refining

1984 C.A. Ebiogwu (PhD)
Slag/Metal Reactions in Bubbles Rising in Liquid Metals

1985 S. Taneka (PhD)
Smelting of Chromite in a Plasma Furnace

1985 T. Okazaki (PhD)
Removal of Tramp Elements From Steel

Cameron Harris Cameron Harris
1986 C. Harris (DIC)
Computer Modelling of Mass Transport Controlled Coupled Reactions in Pyrometallurgy (with Dr B Terry)


David Robertson's Graduate Students from University of Missouri-Rolla

1987 J. Gassel (MS)
Characterization of the Fluid-Dynamic Mixing in a Channel Reactor

1988 W.H. Rhee (MS)
Incorporation of Solid Charge into a Molten Metal Bath in a Plasma Furnace

1989 N-T. Hsiao (MS)
Modeling of the Fluid Flow and the Particle Behavior in an Atomization Process (with Dr H-L. Tsai)

1989 W.A. Dibert (MS)
Pilot Plant for Production of Metal Powders

1990 B. Sengupta (MS)
Fluid Dynamics of an Atomizer Nozzle

1990 Anand Raman (MS)
Kinetics of Metal/Slag/Gas Reactions

1991 S. Kang (PhD)
A Model Study of Heat Transfer and Flow in Slag-Cleaning Furnaces

1991 K. Hamann (MS)
Production of Metal Powders Using Upward Gas Atomization

1991 A.K. Agrawal (PhD)
A Model Study of Mixing and Mass Transfer in a Continuous Counter-Current Reactor for Metal Refining

1992 D.H. Lanham (MS)
Production of Metal Powders by Gas Atomization

Dhiren Panda Dhiren Panda
1993 D.K. Panda (MS)
Physical Modeling of Metal Drop-Slag Reactions with Gas Evolution

Kent Peaslee Kent Peaslee
1994 K.D. Peaslee (PhD)
Modeling of Multiphase Interactions in Metallurgical Reactors

Lloyd Nelson Lloyd Nelson
1994 L.R. Nelson (PhD)
Modeling of Fluid Flow and Kinetics in Counter-Current Reactors for Pyrometallurgical Refining

Narayana Swamy Narayana Swamy
1996 K.N. Swamy (PhD)
Application of Theoretical and Physical Models to Smelting and Refining

Dhiren Panda Dhiren Panda
1997 D.K. Panda (PhD)
Submerged Combustion In-Bath Smelting in Metallurgical Reactors

Adrian Deneys Adrian Deneys
1998 A.C. Deneys (PhD)
Metal Recovery from Slags Using DC Arc Furnace Technology

1999 R. DeLapp (MS)
Determination of Fixed Carbon Requirement in the Production of High Carbon Ferromanganese in a Submerged Arc Furnace

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