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Southern African Pyrometallurgy 2006 International Conference

Cradle of Humankind, South Africa, 5-8 March 2006


Pyro 2006 - Rodney Jones Pyro 2006 - Willem van Niekerk
Convenor: Rodney Jones                   SAIMM President: Willem van Niekerk

Pyro 2006 - Session 1
Session 1: Bill Davenport, Matt King, Marinda Jacobs, Martha Legoabe, Rodney Hundermark, Johan Theron

Pyro 2006 - Session 2
Session 2: Manfred Hopf, Keith Hines, Charl Coetzee, Arthur Barnes, Louis Mabiza

Pyro 2006 - Session 3
Session 3: Andrie Garbers-Craig, Rodney Jones, Chris Pistorius, Jacques Eksteen

Pyro 2006 - Session 4
Session 4: Lloyd Nelson, Quinn Reynolds, Jeremy Kirsch

Pyro 2006 - Session 5
Session 5: Hanlie Kotze, Chris Pistorius, Errol Matthews, Gavin Williams

Pyro 2006 - Session 6
Session 6: Hannu Mansikkaviita, Evaristo Dzingayi, Andy Legg, Chris Cutler, Lloyd Nelson, David Nixon

Pyro 2006 - Session 7
Session 7: Tom Curr, Sipho Magudulela, Tony Stalberg, Jaco van Dyk, Warren Seegers

Pyro 2006 - Session 8
Session 8: Rolf Degel, Bernice Leong, Isabel Reinecke

Pyro 2006 - Session 9
Session 9: Petri Jokinen, Dr Nyembe Shoko, Oomeshni Naiker, Jabulani Chirasha, Marius Visser

Pyro 2006 - Session 10
Session 10: Harmke Immink, Quinn Reynolds, Masud Abdellatif, Marek Dworzanowski

Masud Abdellatif


Arthur Barnes

After graduating with an Honours Degree in Metallurgy from the University of Pretoria, Arthur started his career in the pyrometallurgical industry at Iscor, Pretoria, in 1973.

After 3 years in the ferrous industry he gained valuable non-ferrous experience as Smelter Metallurgist at Palabora Mining Company, before returning to the University of the Witwatersrand for a Master's degree in Metallurgical Engineering, where he performed pioneering work on the pre-reduction and smelting of UG2 chromite ores. His SAIMM paper on the topic was awarded a silver medal in 1983. Arthur was an alternate member of the Board of Control for Professional Technologists before it was merged with ECSA.

Following a short spell with Mintek (Process Development), Arthur joined the Mitchell Cotts Group where he gained valuable commercial experience, finishing up as Marketing Manger and Acting General Manager for Mitchell Cotts Magnetics (Pty) Ltd, then had a spell as Marketing Manager for RTZ Ore Sorters.

Arthur then accepted the challenge to initiate a metallurgical course in Natal, at the M L Sultan Technikon, where he was Head of Department in the School of Mechanical Engineering, and acting Director for the school. He also lectured the metallurgical courses for the University of Natal and commenced a consulting practice specialising in Materials Technology.

Arthur returned to Gauteng in 1990, joining Davy McKee as Principal Process Engineer, and was Project Manager for the Northam Platinum Smelter, before starting his own company, BCM Process Applications, with two ex-Davy colleagues.

In 1993 Arthur took up the Chamber of Mines Extractive Metallurgy Senior Lecturer post at Wits University, He presented a paper on aspects of Ferro-Alloy smelting research work at the 1995 Infacon at Trondheim, Norway.

Arthur joined AVMIN in 1995 as Consulting Metallurgist, and was responsible for the complete pyrometallurgical and refining process design for the Nkomati Nickel feasibility study. He represented AVMIN on the Kafue Consortium pyrometallurgical team tasked with considering the feasibility of purchasing the Nkana and Nchanga assets from ZCCM in Zambia. He managed the test work and process design of the Nyala Minerals Alumina Calcination facility, at Richards Bay, which included a novel kiln design. He was responsible for management of the test work and design oversight of the 40 MW DC arc furnace for Chambishi Metals.

His final project at Avmin was championing the Avalloy superalloy vacuum melting facility installed at Pelindaba, which was successfully commissioned in 2005.

Arthur left AVMIN to resume his consulting practice, and he is currently Managing Director of BCM Process Applications (Pty) Ltd, which provides advice on furnace operation, risk assessment, refractory problems and technical due diligence studies. He has developed an extensive network of professional associates across the globe to provide advice, support and experience to supplement his own.

In partnership with Alan Newall, he is part owner of Heat Flow CC, an Intellectual property company focusing on process technology for the metallurgical industry. Heat Flow owns the know-how associated with the topic of today's paper.

Charl Coetzee

Charl originally qualified as a Chemical engineer. After working for both De Beers and Anglo Platinum, he started at Impala Platinum where he gained experience in the concentrator and the Smelter sections. The past four years have been spent managing the furnace and converter sections at mineral processes. He is presently in the position of process engineer at Smelter projects.

Bill Davenport

Bill Davenport is Professor of Metallurgical Engineering at the University of Arizona. He is a graduate of the University of British Columbia and the Royal School of Mines, London. He has taught for 17 years at McGill University in Montreal and 25 years at the University of Arizona. His main interests over the years have been copper extraction, iron smelting, flash smelting and sulfuric acid production. His current interest is nickel, cobalt and platinum group metals. He is currently visiting sulfide and laterite mines and processing plants around the world.

Evaristo Dzingayi

Holder of BSc(Hons) Chemical Engineering from the University of Matansas, Cuba.

Joined Bindura Nickel Corporation in October 1996 as a Graduate Learner Metallurgist.

Was appointed to Plant Metallurgist (Technical Services) in August 1998.

In June 1999 was promoted to Senior Plant Metallurgist at the BSR Refinery.

Was promoted to Process Engineer in December 2001, became Smelter Manager in November 2002 a position he currently holds.

Jacques Eksteen

(Full name: Jacobus Johannes Eksteen)

Jacques graduated with a BEng (Chemical - Mineral Processing) in 1993, and obtained an MEng in 1995, and a PhD in 2004. He worked for three years at AEC (Pelindaba). He was appointed as a Senior Lecturer in Extractive Metallurgy at the University of Stellenbosch from January 1998. Jacques was appointed as an Associate Professor from March 2006.

His research interests are: high-temperature thermodynamics, furnace modelling and control, and metallurgical accounting for smelters.

Rodney Hundermark

Rodney studied at the University of Cape Town (UCT), where he obtained an MSc Chem. Eng. degree. He then worked as a metallurgist at Waterval Smelter for several years. He carried out research for a masters degree at CSIRO in Melbourne, Australia in 2001-2002, looking at the electrical conductivity of slags. Current professional interests include water-cooled furnace linings and enhanced understanding of matte temperatures and heat fluxes in high power furnaces.

He is employed as the Production Manager at Anglo Platinum's Polokwane Smelter.

Marinda Jacobs

Marinda was born and raised in Pretoria. She matriculated at 'HoČrskool Staatspresident CR Swart', and later obtained a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pretoria.

She initially worked as a Development Engineer at the (then) Iscor Refractories (now Vesuvius). She joined Anglo Platinum at the end of 2001, and is currently a Process Metallurgist at Waterval Smelter.

Rodney Jones

Rodney is a Specialist Consultant, in the Pyrometallurgy Division at Mintek, where he has worked since 1985. He holds a BSc(Eng) degree in chemical engineering from Wits University, a BA degree in logic and philosophy from the University of South Africa, and an MSc(Eng) degree in metallurgy from Wits University. He is a registered Professional Engineer, a Fellow of the South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM), a Fellow of the South African Institution for Chemical Engineers (SAIChE), and a full member of the Computer Society of South Africa (CSSA). He was a Visiting Professor at the Center for Pyrometallurgy, University of Missouri-Rolla, during July and August 1996, and in 2002 and 2003 has also lectured in pyrometallurgy at Murdoch University, Perth where he is an Adjunct Associate Professor. Rodney is married, with two children.

His main research interests are in the field of computer simulation and design of high-temperature processes, and the development of thermodynamic software. He is the author of Pyrosim software, for the steady-state simulation of pyrometallurgical processes. This software is in use in more than 20 countries around the world. Rodney is also one of the inventors of the ConRoast process.

Matthew King

Matt King graduated from the University of Missouri-Rolla in 1993 with a BS Metallurgical Engineering degree. He worked at the Phelps Dodge Chino Smelter in New Mexico for 8 years. Matt completed his PhD at the University of Arizona in 1999 while working as an acid plant engineer at the smelter. He started working for Hatch in 2003, and is presently based in Perth, Western Australia.

Qualifications: PhD, PE

Andy Legg

Andy has a BSc Hons degree in Metallurgy from Newcastle. He has worked for the past 17 years at the BCL Smelter in various production-related capacities, including the flash smelting furnace.

Martha Legoabe

Full names: Martha Ramolokwane Legoabe
Company: Anglo Platinum- Mortimer Smelter
Qualifications: B-Tech Extraction Metallurgy
Born an raised in Witbank, Mpumalanga Province

Started at Anglo Platinum in 2001 as a trainee. In 2002 started at Mortimer Smelter in Swartklip. I worked there until mid January 2006 as a Plant Metallurgist.

Other industries worked are gold and coal whilst still under Goldfields of South Africa. This was all done in my training years as a student.

My current job title is Process Metallurgist at Waterval Smelter, Anglo Platinum.

Louis Mabiza

Louis is Smelter Manager at Zimplats.

BSc. Metallurgical Engineering Honours (UZ)
Diploma in Business Leadership (UNISA)
Masters in Business Leadership (MBL) - UNISA

Previous experience:
1990 - joined Zimalloys as Graduate Learner Metallurgist
1991 - Plant Metallurgist at Zimalloys
1992 - 1993 Snr. Plant Metallurgist at Zimalloys
1994 - 1998 Furnace Manager (FeSiCr and LCFeCr plants) Zimalloys
1999 - 2000 Business Analyst Zimalloys
2000 - 2001 Technical Services Manager

In August 2001, he left Zimalloys and joined Zimplats as Smelter Manager.

Sipho Magudulela

Sipho has a BSc Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Natal, obtained in 1996. Prior to working at Mittal Steel, he was employed as an Improvement Engineer: Elastomers at Karbochem. At Mittal Steel, Sipho has worked as a Refractory Engineer, and as a Continuous Casting Engineer. He is currently employed at Mittal Steel Newcastle as a Senior Metallurgist, Process Development.

Hannu Mansikkaviita

Hannu is a mechanical engineer, and has worked for Kumera for 20 years. He is currently Vice President, Marketing in the Technology Center of Kumera Corporation in Riihimaki, Finland.

Errol Matthews

Errol started in the smelting industry in 1974, with exposure to Iron making, Calcium Carbide, and Copper before joining Namakwa Sands (Base Metals, Anglo American) in 1994.

He has spent twelve years at Namakwa, Commissioning of Furnace One June 1995, and Furnace Two February 1999. He is currently Area Manager Furnaces.

Lloyd Nelson

Full Name:
Dr Lloyd Robert Nelson Pr. Eng.

BSc (Eng.) (University of the Witwatersrand)
MSc (Eng.) (University of the Witwatersrand)
PhD (Metallurgical Eng.) (University of Missouri-Rolla)

Current Position:
Associate and Practice Leader, Pyrometallurgy - Africa, Hatch

Short biographical sketch:
- Pyrometallurgy Division Mintek (1984-1991)
- Graduate Teaching & Research Assistant, University of Missouri-Rolla (1991-1994)
- Manager Chromium R&D, Billiton Process Research (1994-1998)
- West Plant and Nippon Samancor Tubatse JV Manager, Tubatse Ferrochrome, Samancor Cr (1998-2001)
- Associate and Practice Leader, Pyrometallurgy -Africa, Hatch (2002 - present)

Current Activities:
Leader of multi-disciplinary teams involved recently in ramp-up, operational support, and routine periodic technical review of furnaces equipped with high-intensity Hatch copper coolers including:
- 60MVA circular, DC-arc ferrocobalt furnace
- 60MVA circular AC furnace smelting PGM base metal sulphides concentrates
- 168MVA rectangular, 6-in-line furnace smelting PGM base metal sulphide concentrates
- 105MVA rectangular, 6-in-line furnace smelting ilmenite sands
- 32MW circular, AC furnace smelting nickel laterites

Alan Newall

After graduating with an Honours Degree in Chemical Engineering from Salford University Alan commenced his career with British Gas, tasked with converting equipment from oil and coal firing to natural gas firing. Alan moved to South Africa in 1976, joining Iscor as senior production engineer at the Pretoria blast furnaces where much experience was gained with operating of high-energy furnaces, and where he met Arthur.

After a spell with CSIR, Alan joined the Bateman Group and undertook the design of many projects including furnaces, rotary kilns, fluidized and entrained bed reactors and auxiliary equipment such as cooling towers, screens and coal mills.

In 1987 Alan joined the Davy International Engineering Group and became Technical Director and then manager of the Non Ferrous Metals and Environmental Divisions. Most of this period was spent in the design, construction and commissioning of Electric Furnaces, Fluidized Bed Reactors, Cyclones and Bag Houses and Refractory engineering.

After a short spell with IMS Engineering, Alan began trading as Process Consultants. In this capacity Alan has concluded many pyrometallurgical consulting assignments mainly with SA Mining Houses. Much experience was also gained in the supervision of pyrometallurgical research projects and in the application of wear resistant refractory materials. Significant contracts were executed within the Iron and Steel, Ferro Alloy, Aluminium, Zinc and Platinum and Insurance Industries. Some Industrial consumers have adopted Alan's models and today use the models for control of furnace equipment and daily production.

David Nixon

David is Smelter Superintendent - Technical at Palabora Mining Company.

David says his passion for pyrometallurgy was 'fired' at a very early age. He has vivid memories of the night sky in his home town lighting up every couple of hours as blast furnace slag was tipped onto the dumps!

After graduation with a BSc(Hons) in Metallurgy, David joined the, then, British Steel Corporation to fulfil his bursary conditions.

He then changed from ferrous to non-ferrous by joining Roan Consolidated Mines in Zambia where he spent two happy years at the Mufulira smelter.

He then moved to South Africa working for Rustenburg Platinum Mines at Waterval Smelter. He moved to Middelburg Steel and Alloys in 1985 when he heard at a Mintek conference than "chrome was set to be the new gold in South Africa". He was involved with Columbus Stainless through its expansion phase before taking his pyrometallurgical experience to Hatch Africa.

In 2002 David was engaged by Palabora and has been intimately involved with the evaluation and smelting of purchased concentrates. He is also transferring his pyrometallurgical knowledge and experience to the next generation.

Warren Seegers

Warren has a National Diploma in Metallurgical Engineering from the then Technikon Pretoria. After completion of his studies he did his practical training at the Sinter Plant and Blast Furnace at ISCOR Newcastle. He then worked for a time at the Steel Plant before being appointed in his current post. He has been working in the Iron and Steel manufacturing business for about thirteen years now.

He currently works as Metallurgical Technician, Production in the Ironmaking, Blast Furnace N5 section of Mittal Steel South Africa Newcastle Works.

Tony Stalberg

Tony Stalberg is currently the SA Calcium Carbide Production Manager responsible for the operations of the furnace. He has a Chemical Technicians Diploma in Plant Operations from the Witwatersrand Technikon. He has been active in the calcium carbide industry since 1982 and has extensive experience in the manufacturing of calcium carbide in semi-closed submerged arc furnaces as well as the current closed furnace. Initially he was involved in Technical Support for the process and since 1998 has been the production manager. He is a member of the SA Institute of Chemical Engineers.

Jaco van Dyk

BEng (Metallurgical Engineering) - University of Pretoria 1994
MEng (Metallurgical Engineering) - University of Pretoria 1996
PhD (Metallurgical Engineering) - University of Pretoria 2000
Postgraduate diploma in business administration - Gordon Institute of Business Science 2001
MBA - Gordon Institute of Business Science 2004

Employment record:
Engineer-in-training - Iscor R&D (Steelmaking group) 1995-1996
Metallurgical engineer - Iscor R&D (Hydrometallurgy group) 1997-99
Senior Engineer - Iscor R&D (Pyrometallurgy group) 2000-2001
Technical Manager - Kumba Resources R&D 2001-2003
Manager Technical Services - Zincor 2003-2004
Zinc plant manager - Zincor 2005-present

10 papers in refereed journals and conferences on topics ranging from ilmenite smelting and fluidized bed roasting to zinc making
2 Patents on ilmenite slag upgrading

Professional Associations:
Professional Engineer - ECSA
Member - SAIMM

Willem van Niekerk

It gives me pleasure to introduce the President of the South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy - Willem van Niekerk, who also has a strong background in pyrometallurgy.

Willem was born in Pretoria, not far from the Loftus Versfeld rugby grounds, and also spent some time in Cape Town while growing up.

Willem's full-time studies at the University of Pretoria included BSc, BSc(Hons), and MSc(Metallurgy) degrees. His working career started at the coke ovens and blast furnaces of Iscor Vanderbijlpark in 1985. From 1986 to 1995, he worked in Iscor's R&D department, where he occupied various positions from Senior Research Manager to Manager: Iron and Steelmaking. During this period, he also completed a BCom degree through the University of South Africa (Unisa) and a PhD in Metallurgical Engineering through the University of Pretoria.

In 1995, Willem joined the Iscor Heavy Minerals project team where he was, as Manager Technology Development, responsible for the further development of the DC ilmenite smelting technology used at Ticor SA.

In 1999, he assumed various technical management positions at Iscor, including Manager: R&D, and General Manager: Iscor Corporate Technology. After the unbundling of Iscor, his position was General Manager: Kumba Technology. During this time, Willem completed his MBA at Henley Management College in the UK.

In 2002, Willem moved to Zincor, where he now holds the position of General Manager. Willem is currently a Director of Kumba Base Metals, a subsidiary of Kumba Resources Ltd.

Willem is a professional engineer, and has lectured part time at the University of Pretoria, and at what is now the Tshwane University of Technology. Apart from his involvement as President of SAIMM, he has also served on the Councils of ECSA (Engineering Council of South Africa) and AMIRA International. Willem is a Fellow of SAIMM, and of the South African Academy of Engineering.

Willem is married, with two daughters. In their spare time, they enjoy game viewing, watching sport, and travelling.

Gavin Williams

Gavin Williams completed his undergraduate studies in chemical engineering at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa in 1992. This was followed by a period of full-time employment at Mintek, where he spent four years in the Pyrometallurgy Division conducting research and assisting in the transfer of new technology to industry. Gavin left the research environment in 1995 to join Richards Bay Minerals on the east coast of South Africa where mineral sands are mined and processed to produce a high TiO2 slag, rutile, and zircon. Here he gained additional experience in furnace operation as a process metallurgist. He took up the position of smelter manager in 2002 where he was responsible for overseeing operation of the four 6-inline ac electric arc furnaces used to produce high TiO2 slag and pig iron. In 2004 he moved to his current position of manager: special projects in the Technical Department at RBM where he now co-ordinates the efforts of the development metallurgists.

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