Derek A. Hayman

Chief Technician, Pyrometallurgy Division, Mintek

Derek Hayman (57) holds a Masters Diploma in Technology. After joining Mintek in 1980, he spent 16 years being primarily involved with the design, construction, and operation of DC arc furnaces for Mintek's pilot plants, ranging from 100 kVA to 5.6 MVA, as well as the development and commissioning of new processes and equipment. He then spent 4 years at Titaco-Bateman, and 13 years at Hatch, as a process engineer involved with projects from the feasibility stage all the way through to design, implementation, and process optimization. He has been involved in the process design and commissioning of several large projects, such as the Anglo Platinum Converter Process (ACP) plant at Anglo’s Waterval smelter. Derek has been involved in the start-up of all the current platinum smelting furnaces belonging to Lonmin and Anglo Platinum after furnace rebuilds. At Lonmin, he was involved in operational support of the high-intensity 60 MVA circular furnace. This included on-the-job training of furnace operations staff, operations monitoring, evaluation of work procedures, supervision, and consulting to the production staff on the operation of the furnace. Derek also has extensive site experience at PT Antam in Indonesia, and at the Koniambo smelter in New Caledonia during start-up and process ramp-up. Since then, he has returned to Mintek and is currently involved with the development of new processes, from modelling and laboratory-scale testwork to scaling up the process to Mintek’s large DC arc pilot-plant furnaces for demonstration testwork.

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